Donald Santacaterina

Donald Santacaterina is a Ph.D. Candidate at UNC-Chapel Hill and Historian of Chinese Media Systems. His dissertation research focuses on Chinese-socialist newspaper cultures, and why individuals in the People’s Republic of China chose to frame their life experiences in line with socialist ideologies.

He operates the public humanities project “Propaganda in Translation,” whose mission is to improve media literacy across global news cultures with a focus on college level and advanced high school level students. The project features Chinese and U.S. media in comparison and contrast, and investigates the disparities in understanding between media audiences across the 21st century’s two rising superpowers.

Propaganda in Translation is Donald Santacaterina – Ph.D. Candidate, Propaganda Analyst, and Historian of Global Media Systems at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Translation generously funded by the Maynard Adams Fellowship for the Public Humanities

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